What should I do or not do after a nucleoplasty procedure?
  • Side effects to expect: Numbness over the skin from the anaesthetic for up to 16 hours. Pain and stiffness over the injection can last a few days. There might be a bit of bruising or bleeding and back stiffness. The steroid component of the injection can cause elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and transient change in your monthly cycle and flow.
  • Red flags: If you have a fever, weakness, difficulty controlling your bladder or bowel or walking, please contact us immediately. Proceed to the nearest emergency clinic if it is after office hours.
  • Rest: For the first 3 days, limit sitting or walking to 10-15 mins at a go, and rest in between. Find a comfortable position in which to lie down.
  • Driving: Avoid driving on the day of the procedure and the day after.
  • Lifting: Limit any carrying to 3-4 kg at max. It is preferable to not carry anything over 1 kg if possible.
  • Activity: Minimise any bending or twisting movements.
  • Exercise: After the first week, it is important to walk at a normal pace of about 20 min a day to maintain your core muscle tone so that it can continue to do its work of supporting the spine.
  • Shower: You may shower as per normal, but avoid public pools because of the risk of infection.
  • Dressings: You may remove them after a day without replacement.
  • Chiropractor: Avoid any manipulation or massage for the first fortnight.
  • Travelling: Avoid travelling for the first few weeks, as you may need to sit in an uncomfortable position for a long period in the place or in the car. The back muscles may become exhausted and unable to support and offload your weight from your spine.
  • Medications: Take your medications as prescribed, even if your pain has disappeared. Some medications are important in controlling nerve sensitivity.
  • Compresses and packs: You can use hot or cold packs 15-20min at a time with an equal time off. It is best to place towel in between the pack and the skin. Avoid using the packs over areas of numbness.

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